Simplicity, a key to a great Design.


I’m Kiran, a UI, UX & Graphic Designer based out of Bangalore. I’m a creative thinker, problem-solver, a designer driven to create & bring new ideas to life.


With over 15+ years of experience in the field of design, I have worked with a number of clients through corporates & as a consultant designing solutions for digital & print media. Lion Design is where I showcase my works, share my thoughts & ideas.



I Specialize in…


Designing Interfaces

My main area of expertise is UI design. Interface has always been very important part of any product & the right UI will guarantee a products success.

Visualizing Ideas

The best way to present an idea is to visualize it. It makes your idea alive. In many cases, visualization helps users understand the story that a business wants to tell them.

Creating Concepts

Every great design starts with an idea/concept. An idea is what forms the fundamental parts. It’s very important that all the fundamental parts are well defined & working.

Designing Experiences

User experience is an essential part of the service/product. Creating an experience starts with the value proposition followed with usability & the memorable experience of using a product.





Process, the backbone of any Great Design.


Keeping design thinking process as a base, I follow a human centered & iterative approach to solve a problem. Here is an overview of the design process that I follow.

  • Understand project context & problem areas
  • Learn about stakeholders & users
  • Discover current & past approaches
  • Research competitive products
  • Gather requirements & determine scope
  • Understand requirements
  • Build user profiles on gathered data
  • Brainstorm & generate ideas
  • Review & refine ideas
  • Identify & outline likely solutions
  • Design site maps, screen flows, navigation models, task flows, user journeys, scenarios
  • Design Wireframes / Click through prototypes
  • Test preliminary concepts & approaches with users
  • Discover & outline usability issues
  • Address usability issues with iterations
  • Determine next steps
  • Create design specifications & evolve concept/wireframes into full design solution
  • Plan governance for ongoing user feedback





Contact me


Feel free to reach out for any project ideas or just to say hi via email at

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